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Arizonans love beer. We’ve got more than 70 craft breweries here. It’s just what happens when you have the most thirst-inducing climate in the country (yes, we are including you, Hawaii). We’ve got Arizona Beer Week, the Urban Ale Trail, brewery tours by bus, the Great Arizona Beer Festival, the Beer Trail, and too many Oktoberfests to count. But which are the best of the local hop-smiths? We decided to find out…[FULL ARTICLE AND LIST]




Turn Any Beer Can Into a Glass Q & A with Armand Ferranti (Inventor of The Draft Top)

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By now you’ve probably seen cans that have those nifty removable lids – effectively turning the can into a cup and allowing you to get more from your canned beer drinking experience. Imagine if you could do that to any can, anytime, anywhere. That is where The Draft Top comes in, an innovative – and may we say badass-looking – tool that allows the user to safely remove the top of a beer can (or any can for that matter). The man behind The Draft Top is Armand Ferranti and we caught up with Armand to learn more about this cool new bar tool and craft beer accessory. Cheers Armand! … [Full Article]

“The Draft Top removes the lids off cans cleanly”

California Craft Beer – California Craft Beer: 2014 Economic Impact


CCBA capArticle and information courtesy of: California Craft Brewers Association

The California craft beer is a $6.5 billion industry, according to new data released today by the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA). As of March 2015 there were 554 operating breweries in California, more than any other state in the nation.  “Over the past few years we’ve seen consistent growth in the craft beer industry […]

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Score Tickets Now: Strong Beer Fest Set for Saturday

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For the Love of Beer: Spend This Valentine’s Day at the Arizona Strong Beer Festival

 With the 15th annual Arizona Strong Beer Festival set for this Saturday, Feb. 14, craft beer connoisseurs and the people who love them have exactly three days to score passes for Arizona’s biggest and best beer festival. VIP passes are all tapped out, but there are still General Admission and Designated Driver passes available for those who don’t want to miss this unforgettable celebration of the state’s signature suds. Score Strong Beer Festival tickets here, and don’t forget to check out for a complete list of events scheduled for Arizona’s nine-day nod to our state’s explosive craft beer culture.

15th Annual Celebration of Craft Beer with over 150 breweries and over 400 craft beers on tap. 

Although strong beers (those with high alcohol content) are the focus at the festival, a huge variety of craft beers — as well as specialty styles and unique, just-for-this-event brews — are made available to festival-goers, who will receive a commemorative flute style tasting glass.

Dozens of games to play and food truck grub to pair with your brews.

General Admission Tickets – $45


  • 40 tasting tickets
  • commemorative 2oz glass


MicroBrewr 048: Package your beer cheap and easy with mobile canning

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You pinched every penny. You begged, borrowed, and stole to start your brewery. People are enjoying your beer at the taproom, and now you want to expand your reach. You still don’t have capital to buy a dedicated canning or bottling line. Matt Woempner, from Mobile West Canning, in San Diego, California, explains how mobile canning can work for you.

Mobile Canning West serves San Diego, Arizona and Southern Nevada. Mobile Canning Systems provides training and guidance to all of their affiliates. So if you’re outside of

Mobile West Canning’s area, you can likely find another affiliate who will come to you.

The system is pretty similar throughout.

Contact the mobile canners when you start a new batch of beer. So they’ll have enough time to schedule your job.

This might be the first time that you’re beer in being packaged, so attention short be given to the label. “Artwork, artwork, artwork,” says Matt. TTB has requirements for your label design, and many state alcohol control boards have additional requirements. The mobile canner will help make sure your labels are in compliance.

When the canners arrive, they’ll wheel the machine into your brewery, within several feet of the fermenter or bright tank. They will bring one or 2 people, and they’ll need the help of a few people from your brewery.

At the end of the day, your beer is in 12 oz. or 16 oz. cans, and ready to be sold!

There is a ton of detailed information in this episode—too much to recap here. So listen to the whole episode and see if mobile canning can help you achieve the goals for your brewery.

“This is a tremendous business to be in, and it’s an exciting time to be in that business.” [Tweet This]



Listener question:

From Lester Foldi: Is the Craft Brewers Conference worth the price for a nanobrewery still in the planning phase?

Book recommendation:

Check out the entire list of recommended books, click here.

An upcoming beer style:

India Pale Ale

Other resources:

You can reach Matt Woempner and Mobile West Canning at:



“Compare free quotes from top suppliers within 48 hours.”

Kinnek "Compare free quotes from top suppliers within 48 hours."

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Mobile Canning is on the move… Another successful solution.

Brothers in #MobileCanning at Land Of The Sky Mobile Canning ( @LOTScans ) are helping their partners in brewing with the right packaging solutions with #CraftCans.   Please check this awesome piece on some doing it right, service and great people, doing great things.


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